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Enterprise print management

ATI software – an open system for managing print workflow

The issues of streamlining print output across networks and within CRDs and data-centres are complex and not only technical. ATI have the experience and software tools to deliver solutions which optimise the efficiency of such print workflow. Being an “open system” it does not matter whether the output hardware is single sourced or from mixed manufacturers. The result is greater productivity, better control of costs, higher standards of output and improved return on investment across all departments. Efficiency gains and cost savings can be considerable

ATI software gives you:

Print queue management
– the core product module provides simple but powerful print queue management, readily sitting in both the data-centre and the CRD, whether it is to manage variable data business application print jobs from corporate host systems, or support the functions of the reprographics department.

Remote job ticketed submission – bridging the office and central print room
– ATI job ticketing enables simple and efficient transfer of users’ print jobs across the network to the CRD with electronic job ticket instructions defining processing and finishing requirements. With ATI’s unified user licensing, network users have total flexibility to submit jobs by “file/print” or web upload from any enabled machine anywhere in the organisation.

Cost control, reporting and accounting
– as well as ATI’s own client billing option and extensive activity log and reporting capability, ATI software uniquely interfaces with the leading third party cost recovery systems including: Equitrac/Kofax, PaperCut, Pcounter, Safecom, YSoft SafeQ, MyQ and Streamline NX. Linked with these systems ATI software gives seamless total print cost and accounting control throughout the organisation wherever jobs may be printed.

Rules based printing
– an essential factor for any organisation to consider in these demanding days of cost control and operational efficiency. ATI software can provide the control –  from simple limiting of colour usage and paper wastage from office email printing – through to a process, unique to ATI, for seamless job re-direct to the CRD from interaction with pull-print system rules.

Messaging and keeping users informed
– where remote job submission is involved, knowing print job status is important to users. To assist both print room operations and users on the network, the system triggers automatic progress update emails to users. There is also a webpage dashboard to show the status of individual jobs and how busy the print room is.

In summary – a software tool box
– utilising the adaptability of the various modules and the intrinsic power of the native script engine component for customisation, ATI software provides a tool box of software for resolving all sorts of print management requirements for end users and providers of managed print services.