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Office & industrial network printing

Office & industrial network printing

Whether it is in the office or some industry application, network printing can present a wide range of challenges to be met. ATI software in its various forms provides a powerful toolkit resource for addressing and resolving such challenges. 

In every organisation one challenge is to reduce and save costs on printing. In this ATI software can assist by monitoring who prints what where on a network. Then as a simple example it can be deployed to control and limit email and website printing, limiting pages printed, forcing duplex and auto de-colourisation of output where colour is not essential.

Print output performance, which if poor has an intrinsic impact on business operational efficiency, is another example of a challenge which ATI software may be used to address. Controlling and minimising print load on a Wide Area Network to enhance rates of transfer, or job modification on the fly of a host print data-stream to speed  print device output, or print job data-stream modification to give the right form of secure print output to match the output device, are examples of solutions ATI software has given industry end users.

Saving staff time, improving their operational efficiency, are further benefits ATi software can bring. Working with a pull-print system and interacting with a  host system database to rename and give jobs a user friendly name to assist quick and correct job release is one example. For organisations with a central CRD print room, the ATI software ticketing solution, with its ease of use and print rules integration with all the leading  office pull-print systems, also helps ensure jobs are printed by the right people in the right place and departmental staff remain focussed on their expected business activities.

The economic and environmental benefits and return on investment ATI software gives is unquestionable.