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About us

Our background

Over three decades of business achievement

Solutions to improve efficiency and reduce costs

ATI has been established internationally for over 30 years as a specialist solution provider in the computer printing marketplace. Over this time ATI has established a customer base for its products which spans the UK, Europe, North America, and the Asia-Pacific region.

The origins of the company lie in the supply of high performance laser printing solutions to users demanding high speed, high volume or time critical printing. In an era where the demands of modern business are relentless and exacting, ATI offers a solutions based approach to document output management which maximises flexibility, improves quality of output, and delivers a real return on investment.

ATI’s headquarters are in the UK, with representation overseas in mainland Europe and the USA. ATI software products are marketed and supported worldwide by a number of reseller channel partners

Why choose ATI?

To maintain its competitive edge, ATI has always invested in a strong engineering design capability. We have an exemplary record of innovative technical achievement and customer service over many years. Our expertise embraces both software and hardware, with continuous software development being an integral part of our business.

We have been in the business of IT printing since before the advent of the HP LaserJet and have an almost unparalleled length of experience and depth of expertise in computer printing issues. In past years we wrote our own print emulations and designed printer controllers. These days we design and develop software to manage document workflow to digital devices, whether it is for the data-centre, the CRD, the office network, or some other industry application.

Whatever the problem, simple or complex, our product specialists and software engineers relish the challenge.